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I NEED TO TAKE A BREAK! You are not the feast of inspo I normally get every day, I am just not feeling it. Maybe it is me, my heart is not into you anymore? I need to make more room in my life for face to face connection not face to phone, some tech time out is what I am really needing.
Anyone else feeling the same?
For all of my beautiful insta followers, I do love you and this is not a break from my work I have fabulous design projects I am in the process of creating, along with beautiful connections with my clients who designing their amazing spaces feels like I am in the right flow in my life. Plus, with wonderful collaborations with other amazing businesses that truly super exciting times.
For anyone who would like to book in a design consultation for your new build, renovation, collaboration or photo shoot my email is always open and my phone is on to chat further (you know real connection). My email and contact details are on my website (link in instagram BIO plus on the contact tab on the website )
On a family level, I want to have more time to connect with the family (not pick up my phone to work on Instagram every morning), make time to read, sit, soul search without directions, just feel the sun everyday and looking at the moon every night kind of time.
This insta ‘break up’ will only be until I am ready to except you (Instagram) back into my life. Not sure how long it will take but I know the insta world will keep on spinning without me and I am ok with that!
Smooches xx


The above was posted only a couple of days ago on Instagram page and WOW what a supportive response from you all, with a lot of you connecting with me how amazing and brave this step is, how some of you want to do a detox, even sharing how amazing they feel after doing a digital detox themselves.

For me, maybe this comes from really connecting with my clients when designing new spaces, I really love this process. Connecting to bring your dream home to life, listening, creating and designing something unique. Truly, with so many design steps to consider to create a ‘new look’ or ‘new space’ it really is all about getting to know each clients lifestyle, every home can look amazing and be practical at the same time, It all comes down to good design decisions right at the start.

If you would like to reach out, maybe offer some advise of your own I would love to hear from you and I will keep you updated with my insta detox diary.

PS Are you committed to digital detoxing too? Or have I just inspired you to take the leap?


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