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We love keeping you all inspired to create something amazing in your homes. And after our 'Art In Interiors' event on the weekend we promised we would share our styling secrets with you.
Before we do, we wanted to say a massive THANKYOU to all of you who joined us and shared the sunshine aboard the Catalina. When Josette has edited (out all of my wrinkles from each photo, haaa) we will share with you images from the day.


Martine Moodboard.jpg

Art in Interiors is certainly a personal choice on what you add to your walls and today we are going to share the building blocks and styled spaces to help you get Inspired. Creating a mood board is the first step when it comes to creating interiors, it is the base of the building blocks and allows us to capture the vision. Starting with a mood board, your art can either match to your colour palette or offering a bold contrast to the space. Art is an expression of the home owners personality and offers a personal touch. Moodboards help create a home from scratch like a new build or renovation, or just to re-style a single room.
This is when the fun begins...
We have styled 4 different looks with 4 different Artists giving you ideas to add into your home.




Using a darker but neutral moodboard we have picked up the Clay and Blue hues from the art.  
This can be added into cushions, bed linen or as bold as a painted wall.
This styled area transforms a blank space. The art can be added to create a story,in this case we styled with Amy's art being the hero. Barcarts are becoming a styling must have just like our coffee table styling and even the non-entertainer can accessorise a setting for a personal touch. Here we have taken the moody darker colours to create the story but allowed the art to still be the hero, the remaining wall space is often left bare, clustering the bar cart story gives a unique touch to the room.

Art In Interiors Moodboard Martine Emdur .jpg


Such a stunning art work that has a such a bold statement. We love adding art into a hallway, if offers a different way to showcase a piece and greets your visitors. It gives an
Introduction to your interiors to the remaining areas of your home.
BOLD is better as you can see in the moodboard images, we are offering the home to have a very bold colour transformation with painted walls, this colour doesn’t have
to be in the same area perhaps in a bedroom to keep the flow of such a statement through the home. We have used the same moodboard concept but offered different art to show how looks can change with art placement.

Art In Interiors Moodboard Andy Staley - .jpg


Who doesn't love the calmness of the ocean and having it on your walls not only a prefect medium but creates an interesting style. We love the moodiness of Andy's work and modern take of a coastal style. How looking at the same moodboard we can take the colour palettes and add it into accessories around the home. This home can be created with the same fixtures and fittings like kitchen and bathrooms areas but be transformed when styling the home.

Art In Interiors Moodboard Cass Deller -.jpg


We created this moodboard with 1 room in mind, the office. Art styling over a desk is a fun way to add in some inspiration, can be forever changing and a relaxed way of art collecting. With Cass beautiful modern colour hues, We added magazine images, quotes, family pictures to make the wall personal. Remember not all art has to be framed, you can keep it frameless for a relaxed style. Here the moodboard works directly around the art as that is a main feature for the wall cluster, but offering soft paint colour to the walls and natural desk of timber and white. We also added items that we styled on the desk top but these can be add to shelves next to our practical items of folders.

Incorporate art into your home

Here are our 3 WAYS (sharing our secrets)

1. Don’t avoid art.  You don’t want naked ‘rude’ walls. Homes aren’t complete and is
what makes your spaces unique. 

 2. Don’t be afraid of bold artwork. There is no need to match the style of your art to the style of your home. Contrast helps makes a space come alive and feel personal. 

 3. Buy what you love and discard pieces you don’t.  Whatever artwork you own, you can work into you home with clever styling.

We are excited to share our Moodboards and styled images for you, all created, styled and photographed for this event.

See you all soon
Anoushka & Simone

Below are some BTS and a selfie


Noosa Creative Industries Event no.2

You have spoken and we have listened, as many of you missed out on our first event we are beyond excited to announce our Noosa Creative Industries is setting sail for our fantastic NO.2 event board the Catalina Noosa. This event is all about Art in Interiors and we have guest speakers Cass Deller and Amy Clarke, two very talented & creative ladies! Plus we will share all about how to add different art into your space, PLUS you get drinks, food and mixing with like minded creative people. Now creatives, we only have limited tickets and they are selling fast. Please don't miss out, All tickets available over on the Catalina website

Style life home Event.jpg

A massive THANKYOU to the beautiful Cass Deller who designed our invitation above. We love it.

Hope you see you all

Simone and Anoushka


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Simone and Anoushka xx

Goodbye Summer

We all get a little sad saying goodbye to summer, but you can still have the summer tropical feel in your home all year round. We would love to help you transform your home into a space you love all year round.
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