our christmas tree | no tacky tinsel here |

I love this time of year with fantastic final work commitments ending the work year on a high, Christmas school concerts with my girls and getting all crafty with my Christmas Theme. I found myself searching for a Christmas tree look that just didn't exist (except the creation in my head ), so call me crazy I made it myself! I love creating a new Christmas theme every year and this holiday season is modern black, white & with my hand made ply Christmas Tree - with no tacky tinsel in sight! And letting the lights sparkle at night is beautiful and peaceful.
Our house is full of natural light and I love keeping things simple, with a minimalist style and really a big believer of a stress free Christmas day. I am still getting the final little details to dress our Christmas table, but it will be themed with black linen, white dinner plates with the a soft floral touch, but more importantly the day full of laughter with family and friends.

I hope you all enjoy creating your Christmas tree full of your own individual style.
Thanks for stopping by and see you soon.

Simone Barter3 Comments