Christmas Gift Ideas - for HER

I am going to make your Christmas shopping really easy, with a Christmas gift guide over the next 3 days - for HER, for HIM and for THE KIDS. All online shopping with the biggest and stylish store Down That Little Lane.
Let's start with gifts for HER, for your stylish Aunty, best Friend and even your super cool Mum - or even a little gift you might want to wrap for your self.

I Love you A4 print $35 shop here
Gold Circle Pendant necklace $60 shop here
Open back black dress $150 shop here
Grey short dress $70 shop here
BB cream tinted moisturiser $49.95 shop here
Concrete + Copper ring $60 shop here
Gold and cream clutch $195 shop here
Amethyst cuff $100 shop here
Gold leaf concrete planter $30 shop here
Black leather sandals $114 shop here
Leather tote with studded straps $209.95 shop here
Wanderlust stylish note book $35 shop here

enjoy and share with family and friends.


Simone BarterComment