back by popular demand - DIY copper crown

Thank you everyone for your beautiful emails looking for the DIY copper crown I created with my two girls. Here it is for you.

| you will need |

copper wire
wire cutters

1. measure your child's head, add 2cms
2. straighten wire and cut with wire cutters, this is the base
3. form the crown base into a circle and twist ends together and set aside
4. straighten wire and cut 15cm, these are the small points | cut as many as you need pending on the size of your child's head |
 and cut x 1 30cm for the front point
5. place your finger in the middle of each piece and bend softly
6. at the end of each piece bend up trying to make them the same size | I used the cutters and held it very gently not to cut the wire |

7. for the larger point at the front, twirled wire around the pencil and leave enough to twist on the top point
8. attach each bottom to the base of the crown and pinch together softly | I used pliers |
9. you can add the points close together or space them apart
10. completed and styled ready for your princess

I would love see your creations, please share them with me xx

See you soon.




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