2 items that end on the 3rd August you can't miss out on

First amazing item is the Haza Rug Give Away.. Remember this from last week? A refresh for you if you missed it. All you need to do is write in 25 words or less where you place this rug in your home, some fabulous entries already.  Click on the image below to enter.
The fab team from Down That Little Lane & I Spy Homewares can't wait to announce the winner on the 3rd August 2014 ....

Secondly, the Charity Auction Re-loved Project also ends on the 3rd August 2014, this is your chance to purchase a piece of your favorite re-loved furniture. This is a project close to my heart and super excited to be involved. Click on the image of my desk and chair to have a look on eBay, along with 7 other Australian Designers creations.

Have a great weekend and see you soon.


Simone BarterComment