my new desk style with Office Hacks

Over on style life home instagram yesterday I shared a sneak peek of my new office space and as promised I am sharing images to show case my desk and the 'new look'. I needed more space on my desk to spread out all my paper work, colour swatches with more places to pin up current work and also having inspiration to glance at. Setting the tone of collected bits and pieces that inspired me, I kept the colour palette neutral with a back drop of white. The moodboard zone on the wall above my desk is filled with things I love - quotes, magazine pages, feathers, family photos, my ikea black lamp and some greenery, I need to work in a space that has natural elements and removed of clutter for me to be relaxed.  My friends at Officeworks have released an 'Office Hacks' challenge, sounds fun right! Meaning to use the same item in different ways that achieves more for less and creating  a office and desk space that is stylish. Having Officeworks close by I dropped in store to collected a few things to start my creations and my challenge by  Officeworks Office Hacks.


Things I loved - starting my Office Hacks hash tag #officehacks
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for your new style
Bull Dog clips
Shipping tags
Business Card holder
A3 clipboards
Black drawing pins
Black Map Pins

 my new desk and office hacks ideas

Keeping everything neat and tidy I starting with the bull dog clips not only used for keeping paper work controlled on your desk, I used them to hang up my black Ikea Lamp, greenery and calender. Also spray painted one gold! 

With the other side of my desk I wanted the feature of creating a moodboard with my favorite bits and pieces from Art Work, origrami prints to feathers. It all keeps in with the theme by sticking all of my items to the A3 clipboards and leaning them against the wall.

I can't help but over organise things, using the shipping tags which is tied with string into different charges and cables makes it easy identify what belongs to different technology. Plus, I using them to pin into the wall for easy labels on new projects and adding reminder notes.

Finishing touches of the timber stool, greenery, pile of magazines and my earthy touch of feathers.

Don't forget you too can turn your Office ideas and show everyone how you can use low cost products more than one stylish and creative way and share on your instagram, pinterest, twitter & facebooks just hashtag #officehacks


| Thanks to Officeworks for the challenge |


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