Love is in the Air ♥

A relationship, married or not is about love and connection, this is why Valentine's Day is the one day a year you can get extra mushy and lovey - dovey. Valentine's Day also is about the little special moments to keep the spark alive and to remain connected with your partner. It is also beautiful to be give or get given a special little Valentine's gifts, with flowers being the number 1 gift, I think that when carefully chosen gifts of love are a delightful expression of love.

We are constantly looking for different gift ideas and everyone communicates differently in the love department but for the one day of full romance and love let's share a new gift guide that can only be set in a "wish list". My first 'go to' online stores for any gift giving is Down That Little Lane and for this Valentine's Day flowers it will be Lily's Florist.

Wish List gift guide | starting top left |
1. Uberkate personalised gold brangle

2. I left my heart in Paris hamper

3. Foxy Lady pendant necklace

4. Personalised Gold Foil pencils Pk 50

5. 'Love you' water colour gold foil card

6. Lily's Florist On line ordering for all Valentine Flowers
    Australia Wide Delivery

I hope you all have a great week and a fabulous Valentine's Day


And don't forget the Valentine's Cocktail Party ! Details below ♥


Also... sending a little secret message to my husband - Happy Birthday on Valentine's Day |let's see if he will see this, LOL |

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