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Can you believe it is August? We are marching through winter which is a lovely feeling! But I must confess, We have not had many cold days here in Noosa (sorry to rub it in my friends down south), just last week we had a temp of 29. Crazy! but beautiful to enjoy.

Do you often love searching for the perfect piece of furniture? Are you the hunter through endless treasures of vintage stores looking for something perfect to bring home to add to your space? Or do you love hunting for the piece of already loved Vintage piece? I love both hunting situations, but I do lean more towards finding the old and creating it into the new look. I love mixing modern with vintage style into my home, the look always interesting.

It does not matter what way you lean, This is perfect for you all to enjoy. I am excited to be involved with Feast Watson Re-love Project for another year along with 6 other amazing Australian Designers.
Mark Tuckey - Mark Tuckey Designs
Kristine Franklin - The paint hive
Melissa and Margo - The Design Hunter
Nat and Kristy - Norsu Interiors
Alex, Kate and Hayley - Kip & Co.
Aimee Tarulli - Aimee Stylist
We have all Re-loved and transformed a piece of furniture with our own personal touches - for a good cause. From a baby cot, mantle, retro school desk and a side board.
Now, this is great News for you all! As of the 25th August, you can bid via Ebay to take home any of your favorite pieces. So, the hard work has already been done for you.
The fabulous cause is raising money for the Salvos Stores.

Before you go, below is my journey of creating my Tropical setting, Prefect for any time you need to relax. A little bit of Noosa style for your home.


 My Inspiration

Tropical style Products
Dulux - Lily Legs Pink
Feast Watson - Weather Proof Vanish in Satin
Dulux - Pharaoh's Gem Green

After - (Hanging around my pool for the photo shoot!)

You need to check out my project and see the another fabulous Designers Projects, by clicking on the image below

Love to see you over on my little insta page to catch up daily.

Have a great week everyone.
Simone xx

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