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Such a long title for today but this really is a thing here in the studio and as many of you land on this page I didn’t want you to think it was unloved with less posts about our projects.

This page is more of the SB Edits meaning giving another landing avenue to the new STYLE.LIFE.HOME Magazine, Blogging and emails landing every month in your InBOX is OUT and replaced with a Magazine issue created every couple of months (pending on project load) is IN and now ON TREND here in the studio.

Being a one women band I can’t put pressure on myself to have a strict schedule for this Magazine ( strict dead lines are left for my creative projects for clients) and being a creative outlet I want this Magazine to flow to you all in a easy way. So if you haven’t already subscribe to the Magazine at the bottom of this page so you don’t miss out.

Back to the MAGAZINE, I have had this idea in my mind for so long to create a magazine for you all and I wanted this to be more for you with the theory of less blog posts in your inbox and more about sitting, relaxing and reading, sharing a little more about my life, designs and more importantly connect with you to get all inspired about your

Inside this special magazine is WHAT’S NEW in the SB design studio, my little life | STYLE  notes | LIFE notes | HOME notes with Inspiring interiors | SHOP hero pieces for your home | FEATURES with Interviews with Inspiring women in business.

It is Time to Connect

Plus for an extra bonus a STYLE.LIFE.HOME spotify playlist has been created for you to enjoy some funky tunes while reading the mag with your weekend coffee (or a cocktail).

Something nice happens when you get inspired, it fuels your soul and gives you that little glow of excitement and happiness.

| Save the planet, think before you print |


PS You can still read all of our previous blog posts, follow the prompts below.

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