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Overwhelmed with your new house design?

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How we can work with you & the process to creating/designing your home.
We often get ask when is the best time is to engage with us. Ideally earlier the better, when you purchased your vacant land, involve your builder, architect or draftsman and even when you first decide to start renovating. It makes for a better end result for you and your style of home. It is an easier flow for all involved to create amazing design elements right from the start and we always say It is never too soon to start your moodboards, tiles, selections fixtures and fittings even furniture placement as it all has an impact on your completed home.

· Next is to set up a time to meet, you can call, email or DM via Instagram. We really are easy to approach, and this is what our clients say about us “How real, professional and easy to work with”. Once a time is scheduled in we can meet at your home or on site so we can start the journey of designing your home and it gives us the best way to see your location and space.

· This meeting is the best time be clear on what you want and what you don’t want introduced to your new design and home. Of cause we are here to guide and assist you, but we always love to see your pinterest moodboards, pages of magazines that inspire you.

· After our first meeting we gather all your requirements and email you a personalised quote for the scope of works to begin. We know this is the best way to start the process so both parties are clear on what is expected in the project process and we understand everyone has individual needs which requires individual quotes. Once you have approved your quote we ask for a deposit to start and remaining funds are paid on the completed scope of works.

We are here to create amazing spaces for your home, we pride ourselves on unique design elements, personalised spaces and creating a vision. Sometimes projects can take over a year to complete from design to turn of the key to your newly designed home so our relationship is special to us.

Look forward working with you


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